"My Eyes Are Watching God" a remix of Zora Neal Hurston
by Dr. Eveangel H. Savage

I am Janie…

Beginning with life at 2.6 oz., gestation 55 years ago, I fight the storm of potential infant mortality as I learned to walk and talk, whirling my strengths to spell as I hid my weakness to comprehend as I learned to learn in a space with parents less than a high school education. My parents desired more for me.  I desired so much more than what I could see.  As I day dreamed and toiled with the idea of the big house with the white picket fence and the wedding that would one day be, I never imagined the storms I would face before meeting thee. 

I am Janie…

The son of a doctor, living two lives, vyed for me.  In naevity, I could not see pass the wanting so much more than I could see. What did GOD have for me?

I am Janie…

The 6’6 Switzerland ball player wooed me and made me his trophy as he possessed and stalked me and later physically, mentally, and emotionally abused me. With a heart for love and commitment to thee, how could GOD allow this to happen to me?

I am Janie…

Then there was thee, where did he come from said the curiosity in me.  This was not the norm and I am skeptical of thee.  Could there truly be, a love like thee?   Is it possible that I would one day be a woman wanted truly loved by thee.  I too, was a thirst for love like the beauty of nature, birds and bee, flowers and tree, lakes and rivers and there could be nothing more tranquil than the ocean seas.
Good morning, I am Dr. Eveangel Savage.

There were many themes emerged from “Their Eyes Were Watching God” many that were parallel to my narrative and the lives of many women today: 
  • transition of oppression from the white slave master to the black man which can be seen through her grandmother’s efforts to save Janie from the pain of yesterday by selling her off to be subservient to Logan Killick who represents security.  A man she did not love.  Janie was empowered by her will to live a life of love not rule.
  • Along comes Joe Starks with his charm and wit to provide her with a way of escape showing her what it means to be treated by like a lady.  Once taking on the role of Governor, her forgets from whence he came and forces Janie into a role unbefitting to that of a servant leader to a people she was proud to serve and a man she was willing to work alongside to build
  • Three times a charm, it was clear, that money was not the pathway to the unconditional love like that between a bee and the blossom.  Then there is TCake, no matter what that storm looked like, there was lovefreedom, and independence.

Oppression cannot be ignored….

We must consider that at the end of the day, African-American have done so much with so little for so long that when we are truly loved we thrive, not just survive.  Storms may rise and the winds may blow, the rain may fall but the sun will shine again.

Regardless of age, creed, religion, sex, gender, or otherwise we deserve the right to make our decisions, those same decisions that drove Janie to march as she was watching GOD. We are more alike than we are different, but we each have our own narrative.  No one can tell our stories as we can.  Respect our stories and our rights to live our lives.