Together Everyone Achieves More​​​​​​​

All across the United Nations, service professionals are networking in collaboration for the greater good.  Perhaps you are interested learning how to grow in industry or with industries that are complementary to the services you provide?​​​​​​​
If this is you...

Explore  resources and tools designed to help you gain momentum in community with others as I have over the years.  

​​​​​​​What are people saying?

National Convening, Washington, DC
"thank you for reaching back to our community to show us the way" ~Attendee​​​​​​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​25th Anniversary of Radio One Women's Empowerment
Raleigh, NC
"This movement in our state is so powerful.  Thank you for the opportunity to represent our business and our community."​​​​​​​ ~Attendee
Greenville, NC State Convening
"I enjoyed everything about the event, thank you." ~Attendee
Thank you for being here and bringing your wisdom and your curiosity.  So happy to have met you!
Thank you for reminding me t "pay myself first."  I need to build my own brand and prioritize me.

Dr. Eve, I really love the peach and honesty you carry.  It is a blessing to bear witness to and share in.  I am grateful to have share d intellectual and social space, and learn from even how you carry yourself and love on others   Thank you for being open. 

~With black love, ~Boo

Thank you so much for your thoughtful contributions to the space.

Dr. Eve.  I love that you are so open to loving and learning.  We need you.  Please keep on keeping on.