Hi, I am Dr. Eve, Founder of AGSELLC.  I decided that part of doing the work is sharing the collective responsibility of my community--the ingredients of constituent membership that help us to transform communities.  A few highlights of partnership with movement building  organizations...
​​​​​​​Special thank you to our partner, Black Voters Matter  (BVM) who makes this work possible thourgh mini-grants.  These mini-grants help us to build capacity through civic engagement; empower individuals who make room to do the work through stipends; with a priority toward healing our landscape that has suffered the historical and collective violence of oppression--the plight we all have is to FREE our peple, because #wedeservetobefree

Whether I am on the Atlantic, Pacific, Red, or Indian Seas, the work is possible.  Staying a head of the curve has made the impact of this work possible online or offline anywhere in the world.  For now, my feet are on the ground but the possibilities are endless.  Again, thank you, BVM. 

Thank you BVM 
Junteenth 2020
March on Greenville PD
Local Elections Matter
Poor People's Campaign in