Are you a leader looking to offer a supportive group environment for the people you serve?

Group Work is an arduous yet necessary process to help others effectively communicate their thoughts and feelings while receiving feedback as they make life changes.  

IAMWeCafe Supportive Environments enhance the potential for effective groups by offering leaders a choice to help others transform with effective group processes.  The process begins with leadership.  Our supportive environments are offered remotely for many different client groups.  These groups are intended as peer-to-peer support on a short-term basis designed for specific populations--they offer remedy for a specific problem or work to prevent problems.  

In moments of crisis it is critical to do whatever we can to lower inihibitions for peopleto feel supported.  IAMWeCafe Supportive Environments offers YOU a virtual opportunity to share in community with others without judgment and all of the processes to keep you and your consumer safe through 

  • cultural competency
  • trusted leadership
  • clarified goals
  • norms and cohesion
  • support not confrontation
  • getting the most from group experience