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Dr. Savage has dedicated her life to helping direct service providers to develop culturally responsive programming for their niche specific populations by understanding the concerns, successes, gapsand recommendations of the scholars. Through her global presentations , students, educators, andpractitioners learn to meet people where they are and extend systems of care. While her research agenda discuss cutting edge innovation in practice, she has spent a life time of challenging communities to reform policies that have failed.
Mobilizing 26-county coastal plain region to create collective for a long-term strategy and engagement in a collective mapping process for a five-year plan. Collectively community partners from Greenville, Farmville, Kinston, Fountain, Rocky Mount, Durham, and Raleigh, North Carolina through strategic leadership discussion validated the need for NCBLOC. Partners across cultures representing academia, law, arts, social justice, media, mental health, faith-based, human resource development, organizational development, fitness, community development, and social justice advocacy began the process of developing bases in infrastructure and the integration and development of outlying communities for movement to address failed policies.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve my community through NC Bloc, a concept that has been received well and has created lots of buzz in collective work and responsibility in our community.  The opportunity to serve you as a contractor has provided a campaign victory to my story with achievable results.  Here is what our audience had to say...