How are you adding value to your customer experience?
What alternatives do you offer to centuries of tradition?

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i-Mobile Group Facilitation™ 
an Audacity Group Social Enterprise LLC initiative
"Improving the culture of access with technology"


Why i-Mobile Group Facilitation?​​
There is a greater demand for provider access through mobile online supportive  environments and programming. This model has grown from 11.6 to 27.3 billion offering 24/7/365 care, curriculum, and tools that provide immediate help. This number will grow exponentially.  ​Technology is influencing improved access to care and you can too with service program interfaces designed for your specific audience, co-created with your customer.  
i-Mobile Group Facilitation™ is a provider-customer model that intersects with Health/Human Services and Information Technology.  This program offers mobile solutions that help you as...
​►Providers with the cross-training and tools to run telecare environments​
Patients with alternative access to care 24/7/365 days per year, and
Partners with the opportunity to collaborate with your latest developments.


►Increase customer loyalty
►Increase communications
►Improve the churn​​

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i-Mobile Group Faciliation team of facilitators who are reaching the masses connected with new progressive mobile apps that are favored by google 

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"I just wanted to stop by and thank you DrEveangel H Savage for your wise coaching and inspiration. I received lots of mindset shifts in so much that my approach in developing content for my business has changed. I can stand out among the rest in the market place and for that I am grateful.  Thank you!!!  ~Monique Hatchett