Are you tired of the glass ceiling?

Societal norms perpetuate inequities, disparities, marginalization, disproportionality and systemic barriers.  Remove the ceilings and build your economic power.

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"Improving the culture of access"


We are a health & human service consultant model serving individuals, organizations and communities interested in culturally-responsive programming that  improves the culture of access to your power.  

Why Culturally Responsive Practice?​​​​

​What works in one community may not work in another.  Research informs the concerns, successes, gaps, and recommendatons to build strong models when consulting.  
I can help! ​​
Join a team of facilitators who are reaching the masses connected through organized collectives and digital tools around the globe.​​​

"I just wanted to stop by and thank you DrEveangel H Savage for your wise coaching and inspiration. I received lots of mindset shifts in so much that my approach in developing content for my business has changed. I can stand out among the rest in the market place and for that I am grateful.  Thank you!!!  ~Monique Hatchett